torsdag den 28. december 2006


Interessting restaurants in Aarhus:

I will try to write a little about reach restaurant when I have visited them. The texts will most likely be in danish, sorry.

La Forchetta

mandag den 18. december 2006

JDotGraph v. 0.2

JDotGraph has been updated to version 0.2, including a new set of interfaces which divides a graph into immutable and mutable graphs, along with corresponding abstract classes which makes it less complicated to implement the interface e.g. the AdjacencyList class only implements addEdge, addVertex, getVertices, getEdges, clone and the internal representation of vertices and edges.

Download: A jar is available at It is released under the BSD license.

mandag den 11. december 2006


JDotGraph is a Java API for generating DotGraphs and Graphs in general, especially useful for visualizing control flow graphs :) More info to follow at a later time... e.g. when I get more time... For now the JavaDoc is available at and a jar contaning the API is available at It is beta and released under BSD license. See my later post on version 0.2 of JDotGraph.

fredag den 3. november 2006

Nice blogs on the Java Programming Language

Being interested in programming languages and compilers in general and a TA on the dOvs course, where the students are to build a compiler for a subset of Java i occasionally read Peter Ahé’s Weblog which gives a very good insight in the current and future development of the Java language and the Java compiler in particular. But there are a number of other good blogs from the people around Java like James Gosling, Jonathan Gibbons, Neal Gafter and others Gilad Bracha.

Weblog usability

I just updated my about section after reading Peter Ahé's Weblog and then Jakob Nielsens guide on Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes you should go and read it too, if you do any blogging your self.

torsdag den 5. oktober 2006

Good things about Java

According to Guy Steele these are the good things about Java:

  • Reduce stupid mistakes, like array out of bound

  • Strong standard liberay

  • Security model

  • Dynamic compilation

  • Garbage Collection

fredag den 22. september 2006

Replacing the harddrive of my iBook G4

This is to report the succesfull replacing of the harddrive of my iBook G4.

Suddenly last week my iBook started to freeze unmotivated... I wisely decided to backup my harddrive monday and tuesday the computer just stopped in the boot sequence, something was wrong. I guessed my harddrive was the main reason, especially since I had noticed unusual nocies from that area of the computer, and so I bought a new Wester Digital 120GB 5400rpm 2.5" drive and have now succesfully replaced the olddrive with the new one. It is a time consuming process and quite involved since you have to remove some 50 screws to get to the harddrive. I followed the instructions found at this guide The guide is very good, clear and precise. I only had to remove 3 more screws than noted in the guide.

Se the pics. for an overview of task in process.

onsdag den 26. juli 2006

By the way...

I have received my grade for the Smoke and water handin, I was rewarded the grade 10, which is the pretty good, and I am very satisfied. Along with the grade I got a review of the paper I handed in. The review was very positive like in: "This paper is very well written", "The fact that the author takes outset in a real world situation(...) is really good", and "shows that the author has a great understanding of the methods employed" which is pretty much my own understanding... the review also had some criticism like more motiviation and an additional real image of colored smoke from aircrafts for comparison with my results, and also my lacking demonstration of vorticityconfinement. All very reasonable points of criticism.

I can definitely recommend written reviews of handins as a means of feedback, it is very useful.

onsdag den 12. juli 2006

SableCCDoc finaly online

I am proud to announce that SableCCDoc v1.0 is online, check it out at the SableCCDoc page.

SableCCDoc makes SableCC grammars easily understandable by creating a nice overview of your grammer. Furthermore SableCCDoc may be used to autogenerate documentation of your SableCC 3.2 grammar in the form of an html page.

mandag den 3. juli 2006

A Survivor's Guide to Java Program Analysis with Soot

Together with Arni I wrote "A Survivor's Guide to Java Program Analysis with Soot" this spring. The word is out and we have had a couple of emails regarding the guide. So far the guide has been well recieved and we are looking forward to any comments you might have. We have created a homepage for the guide it is On the homepage you can read the abstract, download the guide and the source code for the examples.

Back from vacation

I'm back from one week of pleasent scout camping at Forlev Scoutcenter.

fredag den 23. juni 2006

Vacaction next week

Next week I will be out of my office on some well deserved vacation. I will be spending a nice week camping with my scout troop from Randers at Forlev spejdercenter near Skanderborg. It is going to be a cool week with many great activities like building with wood poles, making movies, campfires, sleeping in tent, and hiking.

I will be back for a short notive wednesday, for the graduation event here at Daimi. I succesfully defended my Master Thesis on March the 30th and now I get my diploma.


I spend most of yesterday figuring out how to use Subversion here at Daimi. No information was initially available, and I thourgh wrongly that I had to have a Subversion account here inorder to use it. But fortunately it is a snap when you know to do it. After reading many interesting parts of the Subversion book I have put together a small guide for the Daimi people who wants to use Subversion. The rest of you should be able to use the guide too, if you can read danish or is good at patternmatching... :) The Subversion guide is here.

fredag den 2. juni 2006


As part of the SIMAP project I am developing a programming language for secure multiparty computation. The programming language should of cause be documented in an approriate way, so the other participants can use the language for writing cool programs, but maintaning documentation is boring and tedious so I wanted to auto generate a description of the language from the grammar used by SableCC 3.2 parser generator we use. Furtunately Roger Keays have had a similar idea and created the HtmlPrinter class for SableCC 2.0. Based on the HtmlPrinter class I have updated it to version 3.2 and furthermore hacked the SableCC 3.2 grammar to recognize a special kind of comments, information tags, on productions which can be used to generate comments displayed with the productions in the resulting html page. Furthermore the new AST section use a namespaceseparate from the productions namespace, an ast node may have the same name as a production, so links can not be resolved uniquely by their names.

The new updated HtmlPrinter class has been wrapped into the SableCCDoc program which is available as tar-ball which contains a nice jar file and bash script for quick execution.

Smoke and Water Handin

Today I handed in my assignment paper in the course on Smoke and Water Simulation 2006. We had to implement a basic smoke solver based on the Stable Fluids method by Jos Stam along with some extra features of our own choice. Theassignment was twofold, based on the implementation we had to make a small simulation and write a SIGGRAPH stylish paper. Quite alot of work for 5 ECTS but very funny!

As extra features I implemented multiple types of smoke, temperature fields, and vorticity confinement.

The paper is avaiable online at: smokeandwater2006.pdf and the film is available at: smokewalls-20000931.avi

torsdag den 11. maj 2006

My first Entry

Hello world! This is the first entry of my blog. I hope to entertain the world with my many interesting words. Hopefully I will have something more intelligent to write about than writing about what I want to write about!

I intend to write about everything! That is at least the part of everything that I find so interesting that I must share it with you. I also plan to write about the various projects I undertake from time to time. Don't be surprised if I am to use the word scout occasionally.

So only thing left to say for now is stay tuneed and enjoy!