lørdag den 30. juni 2007

The Purple Dragonbook

I went to the post office today to pick up a package from Amazon UK. The package contained the purple Dragonbook (Compilers Principles, Techniques, and Tools) by Aho, Lam, Sethi, and Ullman which is a classic in compiler design. Being a phd studendent working on programming languages it is a must have, and since a new edition has recently been published it was obvious to buy the book. I have agreed to review the book for the computer science association in Denmark (Datalogforeningen) which will be in danish, I expect to write a short summary here in English.

From the first look at the book I must say that I am excited. It looks really nice. I read some of the parts concerning parsers and it all seemed to make perfect sense from a first calsual reading. The reason I read about parser was my curiousity towards why approx. 200 pages out of approx. 1000 where devoted to lexical analysis and parsing. It seems a lot but from my first reading they also get into some of the stuff which is often left out of other compiler books.
I look forward to read the rest of the book and I will write a post when that happens.

Have a nice weekend.

fredag den 29. juni 2007

Back from San Diego

Last week I returned from a great trip to San Diego where I visited the FCRC Conference. I attended the History of Programming Language conference (HOPL-III), the Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI), and finally I presented a paper at the Programming Language and Analysis for Security workshop, which was the main purpose of my trip.

The HOPL conference was a big hit, many good talks on why or why not succes of programming languages like AppleScript, Lua, Modula-2 and Oberon, ZPL, Erlang, C++, Haskel and Beta. For the first time I saw Niklaus Wirth the maker of Pascal, the first programming language I learned. He seemed a bit uncontent with the present state of programming language too much abstraction and too little focus on fast implementations. I disagree. Raising the level of abstraction is natural and good programming style, the compiler should do the hard work of optimizing the code.

PLDI was a good experience many good presentations. There where a lot of presentations after 10 hours of talks my head was spinning and dangrously close to mental overload. I meet a lot of people doing interesting research nice to experience the state of art this close.

PLAS was a good experience the presentation went well, and the questions easy to answer. The other presentations where interesting so it was a good day.

San Diego is a nice city. It felt like a good place to be, especially the Gas lamp quater was nice. Lots of resteurants and shops. And the weather was great, 25-35 degress celcious and a nice refreshing wind.

I have placed some pictures from my trip, see the menu on the right and select pictures. The hotel was fine but the decoration sucks big time looks like something some the early 80's :)

Qualification Exam - Passed

I have just passed my qualification exam based on my progress report "A Domain-specific Programming Language for Secure Multiparty Computation". I gave a 30 min. presentation based on the following slides. It all went pretty well during the presentation and the question/answer session afterwards was very enjoyable. The censor presented some interesting questions.

So now it is time for weekend, but first I have to fill out a ton of papirs for my stay abroad in the fall.

By the way all those pupils who where complaining about two having to have two exams at one day - stop crying! Besides the qualification exam I had an exam in Software Verification as well today, which I passed with flying colors :)