fredag den 22. september 2006

Replacing the harddrive of my iBook G4

This is to report the succesfull replacing of the harddrive of my iBook G4.

Suddenly last week my iBook started to freeze unmotivated... I wisely decided to backup my harddrive monday and tuesday the computer just stopped in the boot sequence, something was wrong. I guessed my harddrive was the main reason, especially since I had noticed unusual nocies from that area of the computer, and so I bought a new Wester Digital 120GB 5400rpm 2.5" drive and have now succesfully replaced the olddrive with the new one. It is a time consuming process and quite involved since you have to remove some 50 screws to get to the harddrive. I followed the instructions found at this guide The guide is very good, clear and precise. I only had to remove 3 more screws than noted in the guide.

Se the pics. for an overview of task in process.

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