torsdag den 28. december 2006


Interessting restaurants in Aarhus:

I will try to write a little about reach restaurant when I have visited them. The texts will most likely be in danish, sorry.

La Forchetta

mandag den 18. december 2006

JDotGraph v. 0.2

JDotGraph has been updated to version 0.2, including a new set of interfaces which divides a graph into immutable and mutable graphs, along with corresponding abstract classes which makes it less complicated to implement the interface e.g. the AdjacencyList class only implements addEdge, addVertex, getVertices, getEdges, clone and the internal representation of vertices and edges.

Download: A jar is available at It is released under the BSD license.

mandag den 11. december 2006


JDotGraph is a Java API for generating DotGraphs and Graphs in general, especially useful for visualizing control flow graphs :) More info to follow at a later time... e.g. when I get more time... For now the JavaDoc is available at and a jar contaning the API is available at It is beta and released under BSD license. See my later post on version 0.2 of JDotGraph.