onsdag den 26. juli 2006

By the way...

I have received my grade for the Smoke and water handin, I was rewarded the grade 10, which is the pretty good, and I am very satisfied. Along with the grade I got a review of the paper I handed in. The review was very positive like in: "This paper is very well written", "The fact that the author takes outset in a real world situation(...) is really good", and "shows that the author has a great understanding of the methods employed" which is pretty much my own understanding... the review also had some criticism like more motiviation and an additional real image of colored smoke from aircrafts for comparison with my results, and also my lacking demonstration of vorticityconfinement. All very reasonable points of criticism.

I can definitely recommend written reviews of handins as a means of feedback, it is very useful.

onsdag den 12. juli 2006

SableCCDoc finaly online

I am proud to announce that SableCCDoc v1.0 is online, check it out at the SableCCDoc page.

SableCCDoc makes SableCC grammars easily understandable by creating a nice overview of your grammer. Furthermore SableCCDoc may be used to autogenerate documentation of your SableCC 3.2 grammar in the form of an html page.

mandag den 3. juli 2006

A Survivor's Guide to Java Program Analysis with Soot

Together with Arni I wrote "A Survivor's Guide to Java Program Analysis with Soot" this spring. The word is out and we have had a couple of emails regarding the guide. So far the guide has been well recieved and we are looking forward to any comments you might have. We have created a homepage for the guide it is www.brics.dk/SootGuide/. On the homepage you can read the abstract, download the guide and the source code for the examples.

Back from vacation

I'm back from one week of pleasent scout camping at Forlev Scoutcenter.