fredag den 20. april 2007

Java5 Grammar for Sablecc - now with prettyprinter

I have made a pretty printer for the Java5 grammar, which I posted a couple of days ago. Both referenced here and here for easy download.

I have made a number of unit tests and ran the Emma code coverage tool on the tests. It show a blessing 91.3% code coverage. There is still 8.7% of the pretty printer which is not covered, so there might still be some bugs. If you find any bug in the grammar or prettyprinter please contact me, and I will fix it as sone as possible!

onsdag den 18. april 2007

Restaurants in Aarhus

For a long time I have had a couple of favorit restaurants in Aarhus like Tony's on Trøjborg and Marco Polo in Vestergade. I have decided to try out a number of other restaurants, because it gets borring to eat the same places, all though both of the mentioned restaurants make excellent foods.

In an earlier post, I have written down a number of restaurants and now i have begun visiting each of the restaurants. The first one was restaurant Stedet in Vestergade, which I have written a little about. All in all a nice place with food just above avarage. Read the entire thing in my earlier post (in danish, sorry).

Java 5 Grammar for Sablecc 3.2

I have somehow come upon this Java 5 Grammar for Sablecc. I can't remember where I found it, thus I can not remember the name of the author, and nothing is mentioned in the file. If you know of who is the author, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have choosen to publish it here since I have found it more than difficult to find a working implementation of the Java 5 grammar for Sablecc, and by doing so I hope others will not get into as much trouble finding it as I did.

[Edit June 8th. 2008] I have now identified the author of the grammar, Stefan Mandel, and contacted him. The grammar is released under the LGPL, and I have added a copyright notice.

tirsdag den 17. april 2007

How to fix your bike or car?

My bike resently crashed, the crank was totally gone! I went to the bikeshop in Storcenter Nord close to the university, to get an estimate of how much it would cost to get it fixed. A stunning 600 dkk not including how long it would take them.

I found a number of good sites describing how to fix allmost everything that could ever go wrong with your bike

So I though I might as well fix it myself! Unfortunately what was left of the crank was so rusty that I could not get it of on my own. I went to another bikeshop  close to my home and they fixed it in a couple of days for 450 dkk. Nice and not so much dirty work for me :)

Dissertation Advice

I have begun the task of writing progress report. In the process I have been reading a couple of advices on writing dissertations, and I thought might just as well share the best you.

Olin Shivers (Visiting DAIMI fall 2005) has a page on dissertation advice. His main point is clear: you should be able to phrase what your dissertation is about  (your thesis) in one single sentence and use it as opening line of the dissertation and whenever you need to drive home the point of your dissertation. I found his advice instructive and they are presented in a fun ironic way.

I have come up with the following thesis for my work: "Creating tools with strong security guaranties which exploits the
benefits obtained by combining confidentiality information from various sources is feasible and useful."