fredag den 23. juni 2006

Vacaction next week

Next week I will be out of my office on some well deserved vacation. I will be spending a nice week camping with my scout troop from Randers at Forlev spejdercenter near Skanderborg. It is going to be a cool week with many great activities like building with wood poles, making movies, campfires, sleeping in tent, and hiking.

I will be back for a short notive wednesday, for the graduation event here at Daimi. I succesfully defended my Master Thesis on March the 30th and now I get my diploma.


I spend most of yesterday figuring out how to use Subversion here at Daimi. No information was initially available, and I thourgh wrongly that I had to have a Subversion account here inorder to use it. But fortunately it is a snap when you know to do it. After reading many interesting parts of the Subversion book I have put together a small guide for the Daimi people who wants to use Subversion. The rest of you should be able to use the guide too, if you can read danish or is good at patternmatching... :) The Subversion guide is here.

fredag den 2. juni 2006


As part of the SIMAP project I am developing a programming language for secure multiparty computation. The programming language should of cause be documented in an approriate way, so the other participants can use the language for writing cool programs, but maintaning documentation is boring and tedious so I wanted to auto generate a description of the language from the grammar used by SableCC 3.2 parser generator we use. Furtunately Roger Keays have had a similar idea and created the HtmlPrinter class for SableCC 2.0. Based on the HtmlPrinter class I have updated it to version 3.2 and furthermore hacked the SableCC 3.2 grammar to recognize a special kind of comments, information tags, on productions which can be used to generate comments displayed with the productions in the resulting html page. Furthermore the new AST section use a namespaceseparate from the productions namespace, an ast node may have the same name as a production, so links can not be resolved uniquely by their names.

The new updated HtmlPrinter class has been wrapped into the SableCCDoc program which is available as tar-ball which contains a nice jar file and bash script for quick execution.

Smoke and Water Handin

Today I handed in my assignment paper in the course on Smoke and Water Simulation 2006. We had to implement a basic smoke solver based on the Stable Fluids method by Jos Stam along with some extra features of our own choice. Theassignment was twofold, based on the implementation we had to make a small simulation and write a SIGGRAPH stylish paper. Quite alot of work for 5 ECTS but very funny!

As extra features I implemented multiple types of smoke, temperature fields, and vorticity confinement.

The paper is avaiable online at: smokeandwater2006.pdf and the film is available at: smokewalls-20000931.avi