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Frameworks and Languages for SMC

  • SMCL: J. Nielsen and M. Schwartzbach. A domain-specific programming language for secure multiparty computation. In PLAS ’07: Programming languages and analysis for security, pages 21–30. ACM, 2007.

  • PySMCL: S. Meldgaard, CACE project deliverable D4.5.

  • EDSL in Haskel: A domain-specific language for computing on encrypted data
    A.M. Bain, J.C. Mitchell, R. Sharma, D. Stefan and J. Zimmerman.

  • Fairplay: Dahlia Malkhi, Noam Nisan, Benny Pinkas, and Yaron Sella. Fairplay - Secure Two-Party Computation System. In USENIX Security Symposium, pages 287–302. USENIX, 2004.

  • FairplayMP: Assaf Ben-David, Noam Nisan, and Benny Pinkas. FairplayMP: a system for secure multi-party computation. In Peng Ning, Paul F. Syverson, and Somesh Jha, editors, ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, pages 257–266. ACM, 2008.

  • VIFF - The Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework. I. Damgaard, M. Geisler, M. Krøigaard, and J. B. Nielsen. Asynchronous multiparty computation: Theory and implementation. In Public Key Cryptography, pages 160–179, 2009.

  • Sharemind: D. Bogdanov, S. Laur, and J. Willemson. Sharemind: A framework for fast privacy-preserving computations. In ESORICS, pages 192–206, 2008.

  • SMCR: Peter Bogetoft, Ivan Damgaard, Thomas Jakobsen, Kurt Nielsen, Jakob Pagter, and Tomas Toft. Secure computing, economy, and trust: A generic solution for secure auctions with real-world applications. Technical Report RS-05-18, BRICS, June 2005. 37 pp.

  • FastGC: Y. Huang, D. Evans, J. Katz, L. Malka. Faster secure two-party computation using garbled circuits. In USENIX Security’11, pages 539–554. USENIX, 2011.

  • GMW protocol: S. G. Choi, K.-W. Hwang, J. Katz, T. Malkin, D. Rubenstein. Secure multi-party computation of Boolean circuits with applications to privacy in on-line marketplaces. In Cryptographers’ Track at the RSA Conference (CT-RSA’12), volume 7178 of LNCS, p. 416–432. Springer, 2012.

  • HEKM: Faster Secure Two-Party Computation Using Garbled Circuits,

  • VMCrypt: Modular Software Architecture for Scalable Secure Computation,

  • SALUS: S. Kamara, P. Mohassel, and B. Riva. Salus: A sys- tem for server-aided secure function evaluation. In Proceedings of the ACM conference on Computer and communications security (CCS), 2012.

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